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Fitting The Pieces of Acceptance

Acceptance of reality, “What Is!”, as a positive step forward isn’t giving up … It’s about accepting the reality of circumstance, moving forward with a balanced perspective and hopefully surpassing all expectations.

So why do some of us fight for so long to overcome negative circumstances or personal limitations in a way that prevents us taking a different path that leads to a brighter outcome … It is a scenario that can play out through any number of life experiences, including life altering injuries such as traumatic brain injury and whiplash.

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Balancing Life With Laughter!

You know some days you really do have to laugh at yourself! Especially when you are a teetotaler who is walking through the house more in the vein of a drunken sailor … Leaning against walls for stability while waltzing down the hallway, swaying side to side as if you are navigating the roll of a ship at high sea rather than a house on dry land. You’ve got three […]

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Breaking The Silence on Traumatic Brain Injury & Whiplash – Part 1

Traumatic Brain Injury & Whiplash … Not A Problem? A little while back I posted a piece about the Epstein Barr Virus potentially being a beginning point regarding chronic health issues and progressive dysfunction that I have battled for almost three decades. A post throughout which I raised the more likely possibility that whiplash and traumatic brain injury (TBI) were the events that sparked progressive dysfunction, either in conjunction with […]

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Wrapping Up a Decade of Car Accidents

In conclusion to the three car accidents during the 1990s, it would have been nice to walk away from the third and final car accident believing it would all be wrapped up and left in the past once all the legal proceedings had concluded … Unfortunately however, the final car accident during 1996 brought about new challenges of legal complexities, as well as the beginning of a battle against my own body through progressive illness and disability with injuries from the accidents that would be dismissed indefinitely.

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The Work Cover Experience – Insurance Doctors

As children we are often taught that doctors are people we should trust unquestionably … However, that all changes when you have been involuntarily placed in an Accident Insurance Scheme like Work Cover. A system where legitimately injured patients are branded malingerers, liars and a money hungry compensation frauds, learning the harsh realities of how destructive Medical & Legal “Professionals” are in having their own purposes met at the expense of the injured party … It is life changing lesson in understanding “Trust and respect are to be earnt by doctors, never given freely based on their title or position alone!”

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1990 – The First Car Accident

Tuesday the 13th of March 1990. I was a carefree 17 year old teenager who in recent months had started my first full time job in the bakehouse of one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains … What I never anticipated that morning as I left for work was that by the end of the day my dream of becoming a baker would be torn away. Even more so, I was completely unaware of the lifelong journey I was about to begin.

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