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Fitting The Pieces of Acceptance

Acceptance of reality, “What Is!”, as a positive step forward isn’t giving up … It’s about accepting the reality of circumstance, moving forward with a balanced perspective and hopefully surpassing all expectations.

So why do some of us fight for so long to overcome negative circumstances or personal limitations in a way that prevents us taking a different path that leads to a brighter outcome … It is a scenario that can play out through any number of life experiences, including life altering injuries such as traumatic brain injury and whiplash.

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The Medical Story?

It is my belief, through experience, that the medical system in Australia is broken, specifically South Australia in this case … As a result, the most vulnerable in our community, along with their loved ones, are paying the high price with their lives.

This is the summary of my 30 year journey through that system and the reason I am now breaking my silence to tell my story.

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