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Embracing Me

Poem – Embracing Me

With more than 15 years of hindsight since I wrote this poem about weight loss, along with many more cycles of gaining and shedding in between, I have more than a few thoughts reflecting on this poem about self acceptance, disbelief and insecurity … For now I’m going to let this poem stand on its own and follow up with some thoughts at a later time.

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Lining Up The Unmentionables

So the question of the day is this, “Should underwear ever be hung on a clothesline outside, or should those must have under garments that we all wear, (well the majority of us wear anyway), be hung in a dark corner of the house, remaining unmentionable?”
Seriously though, this is the kind of question that wakes an over-thinker like me at 2am in the morning!

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Artist’s View

Poem – Artist’s View

During 2002 I was invited to join a group of artists for an evening. The philosophy was that every form of artist was welcome to become involved no matter their medium, be it drawing, painting, sculpting, needle work and so on … This poem was written during that evening as I watched the artists work … More that ten years on, this poem holds a different point of view, far beyond that evening spent with a group of artists.

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