Tag: Low Self Esteem

Flashbacks, Throwbacks and Selfies On The Side

So I started an Instagram account last year, as if there is anyone on my Facebook friends list who can’t figure that out, but it has only been in the last few months that I have really chosen to dive in and explore the world of Instagram. Honestly, anyone who knows me well, knows my

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Embracing Me

~ Embracing Me ~ Amazement within, can this really be me? Amazement within, is it my reflection I see? Amazement within, can I see beauty shine through? Amazement within, is the face I see true? I feel my face thinner with the touch of my hand, but with a feeling of unbelief as my insecurities

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For All Your Infinite Worth!

I wrote and posted the following in a watered down version a couple of months back. Shortly after posting it though, I felt the need to remove it. Oh, the irony! …ย  You’ll understand as you read on. (Should you choose to read on!) It was a removal of a post that pretty much came

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