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Fitting The Pieces of Acceptance

Acceptance of reality, “What Is!”, as a positive step forward isn’t giving up … It’s about accepting the reality of circumstance, moving forward with a balanced perspective and hopefully surpassing all expectations.

So why do some of us fight for so long to overcome negative circumstances or personal limitations in a way that prevents us taking a different path that leads to a brighter outcome … It is a scenario that can play out through any number of life experiences, including life altering injuries such as traumatic brain injury and whiplash.

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Poem – Masks

It is such a shame so many of us feel the need to hide and discard what we are told has little to no value. Sadly, what lay hidden behind so many masks are the most valuable talents and traits of all.

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Lining Up The Unmentionables

So the question of the day is this, “Should underwear ever be hung on a clothesline outside, or should those must have under garments that we all wear, (well the majority of us wear anyway), be hung in a dark corner of the house, remaining unmentionable?”
Seriously though, this is the kind of question that wakes an over-thinker like me at 2am in the morning!

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Gym Days

Poem – Gym Days

The air is cold with mist outside while I sit here this morning writing out this poem, its a mist left behind by the early morning rain that still drips from the gutters and trees, the first signs of winter just beginning … These were my favourite gym days, still I take time to reminisce on mornings just like this one.

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In Memory of Kim

 Remembering Kim. My Beautiful Friend… My Anam Cara. 9th of December 1972   –   12th of April 2009 I will never forget the time in my life that I met Kim, my Anam Cara as I came to view her later in life. She had a smile that could light up a room, cheeky and rebellious as it was on many occasions throughout our teenage years together, and well beyond […]

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Balancing Life With Laughter!

You know some days you really do have to laugh at yourself! Especially when you are a teetotaler who is walking through the house more in the vein of a drunken sailor … Leaning against walls for stability while waltzing down the hallway, swaying side to side as if you are navigating the roll of a ship at high sea rather than a house on dry land. You’ve got three […]

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Artist’s View

Poem – Artist’s View

During 2002 I was invited to join a group of artists for an evening. The philosophy was that every form of artist was welcome to become involved no matter their medium, be it drawing, painting, sculpting, needle work and so on … This poem was written during that evening as I watched the artists work … More that ten years on, this poem holds a different point of view, far beyond that evening spent with a group of artists.

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For All Your Infinite Worth!

Be “you” for all your infinite worth, because you were not created to be an extension of anyone else’s beliefs or expectations! … Some people don’t give a damn what anyone else has to say about them or how they are perceived and everyone accepts those people for who they are in that. Meanwhile for people who are held to standards such as the perceived “Good Christian Woman”and told since childhood that more was expected of them from various sources, is there any way for them to be truly authentic to themselves without feeling the need to conform to the expectations of others!

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Nobody Knows

Poem – Nobody Knows

I think the loneliness that comes from a sense of inadequacy and misfittedness is something that everyone has experienced in one way or another throughout their lives, in many ways during many times … Often we view the vulnerability that comes with expressing those feelings of self-doubt, misfittedness and the quirks that make us uniquely ourselves as weaknesses and shortcomings … But I wonder….

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