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Fitting The Pieces of Acceptance

Acceptance of reality, “What Is!”, as a positive step forward isn’t giving up … It’s about accepting the reality of circumstance, moving forward with a balanced perspective and hopefully surpassing all expectations.

So why do some of us fight for so long to overcome negative circumstances or personal limitations in a way that prevents us taking a different path that leads to a brighter outcome … It is a scenario that can play out through any number of life experiences, including life altering injuries such as traumatic brain injury and whiplash.

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Breaking The Silence on Traumatic Brain Injury & Whiplash – Part 1

Traumatic Brain Injury & Whiplash … Not A Problem? A little while back I posted a piece about the Epstein Barr Virus potentially being a beginning point regarding chronic health issues and progressive dysfunction that I have battled for almost three decades. A post throughout which I raised the more likely possibility that whiplash and traumatic brain injury (TBI) were the events that sparked progressive dysfunction, either in conjunction with […]

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Wrapping Up a Decade of Car Accidents

In conclusion to the three car accidents during the 1990s, it would have been nice to walk away from the third and final car accident believing it would all be wrapped up and left in the past once all the legal proceedings had concluded … Unfortunately however, the final car accident during 1996 brought about new challenges of legal complexities, as well as the beginning of a battle against my own body through progressive illness and disability with injuries from the accidents that would be dismissed indefinitely.

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1996 – Car Accident Number Three!

It is often thought that for a person to have had one car accident in their lifetime is bad enough, yet quite a normal occurrence given how many of us drive. To have two car accidents in a lifetime is still not bad odds, but the words “bad luck” certainly get thrown around … However, add in a third, and within less than a decade and you really do begin to wonder just who in the universal grand scheme of things has got it in for you. Especially if every single one of those accidents is not your doing and completely unavoidable.

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1995 – Elbow Repair, Surgical Care?

During the 1995 car accident that I wrote about previously, I required a surgical repair to my left elbow which had an unexpected outcome … While I am truly thankful to have had the medical staff with their expertise available to operate on my arm as it was, I can’t help but ask if this repair to my arm was standard practice? … And, if it is standard practice. I then have to ask, “Would any surgeon, or any other medical professional be content living with pins in their arm that are literally cutting their way through the flesh from the inside out?”

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