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Fitting The Pieces of Acceptance To Take A Positive Step Forward

With Brain Injury Awareness Week 2019 just about coming to a close this post could not have been completed at a better time, gotta love it when serendipity comes calling.ย  Life is full of beginnings and endings with gains and losses throughout, of which, I am certainly not the only person who finds it easier

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The Redefining of Life – October 2006

The majority of the following piece was written as a blog post during 2008, a tad over ten years ago now, under the title ‘The Painful Reality About Doctors & Quackery’. It was basically a one off vent of frustration, telling my story from 2006 to 2008. I began that blog post with this paragraph…

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The Medical Story?

Please Note : All medical content on this blog can be found listed under various tags in the section titled ‘Medical Content’ in the sidebar on desktop computers, or by scrolling down through the footer on mobile devices. It is my belief, through experience, that the medical system in Australia is broken, specifically South Australia

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