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The Lessons A Patient Learns

“What have you learnt through the process of accessing your medical files, keeping a detailed symptom journal and collating your own medical history?” This was the question posed to me by a Rheumatologist during 2018 … I also had one question of my own, “Did he really want my honest answer to this question?” Because the truth is, no doctor will ever be prepared to hear my honest answer to this particular question in it’s entirety.

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The Downfall of Strength!

From a medical perspective alone, I can’t help but wonder how many people are dismissed and turned away because they don’t allow themselves to look sick enough, complain loudly enough or wince at every pain or uncomfortable sensation felt throughout their body while being poked and prodded by doctors? … No matter how intense their pain or discomfort becomes!

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The Medical Story?

It is my belief, through experience, that the medical system in Australia is broken, specifically South Australia in this case … As a result, the most vulnerable in our community, along with their loved ones, are paying the high price with their lives.

This is the summary of my 30 year journey through that system and the reason I am now breaking my silence to tell my story.

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