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Balancing Life With Laughter!

You know some days you really do have to laugh at yourself! Especially when you are a teetotaler who is walking through the house more in the vein of a drunken sailor … Leaning against walls for stability while waltzing down the hallway, swaying side to side as if you are navigating the roll of a ship at high sea rather than a house on dry land. You’ve got three […]

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The lingering kiss of EBV, aka Glandular Fever

Okay, so the title may be a tad corny, picking up and running with the name “The Kissing Disease”, for what is an extremely unpleasant illness. But hey, it got you here. So, let’s talk Epstein Barr Virus, (aka Glandular Fever, Infectious Mononucleosis, The Kissing Disease). I suspect that anyone who reads what I have to say about this virus, who has had their own encounter, could relate to at […]

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