Author: Rebecca Rawson

Fitting The Pieces of Acceptance To Take A Positive Step Forward

With Brain Injury Awareness Week 2019 just about coming to a close this post could not have been completed at a better time, gotta love it when serendipity comes calling.  Life is full of beginnings and endings with gains and losses throughout, of which, I am certainly not the only person who finds it easier

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Balancing Life With Laughter!

You know some days you really do have to laugh at yourself! Especially when you are a teetotaler who is walking through the house more in the vein of a drunken sailor … Leaning against walls for stability while waltzing down the hallway, swaying side to side as if you are navigating the roll of

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Flashbacks, Throwbacks and Selfies On The Side

So I started an Instagram account last year, as if there is anyone on my Facebook friends list who can’t figure that out, but it has only been in the last few months that I have really chosen to dive in and explore the world of Instagram. Honestly, anyone who knows me well, knows my

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