Okay, so this post is less about camisoles & nighties and more about knickers & jocks … But I ain’t hanging my knickers out on full display for you lot to gawk at beyond the brief appearance they make over my shoulder here, even if they are brand new and never been worn a day in their lives.

So the question of the day is this, “Should underwear ever be hung on a clothesline outside, or should those must have under garments that we all wear, (well the majority of us wear anyway), be hung in a dark corner of the house, remaining unmentionable?”

Seriously though, this is the kind of question that wakes an over-thinker like me at 2am in the morning!

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And just where did all this over-thinking come from about my freshly washed laundry blowing about in the breeze for all the neighbours and passers by to see?

That would be Facebook, of course. Not that I really think that needs clarifying! Where else does anyone subject themselves to an abnormal amount of paranoia producing material. If it wasn’t Facebook you knew it was going to be some other social media platform.

How this over-thought began was a couple of weeks ago a comment a friend had made in a discussion on Facebook about toilet training toddlers caught my attention … Yes, my youngest child turns 20 in less than six months, and I choose to read about toilet training toddlers! Moment of boredom much?

Well, it wasn’t so much about toilet training as the fact that, if I remember correctly, the discussion had come up as a result of a mother allowing her toddler to relieve themselves in a garden bed because a local shop owner would not allow her child to use their toilet, long story short she got fined or some penalty of some kind.

But here is where the discussion became really interesting to me.

Reading through the comments I became more aware of how many places have regulations on how people can and cannot dry their underwear … For real folks … I even read several comments from people explaining how police had visited them because they had the audacity to fly their bras, knickers and jocks on a clothesline to dry and their neighbour called the police on them.

That is after the horrendously offensive garments had actually been washed before being hung to dry.

Now, as an Aussie Sheila who grew up through the 1970s & 1980s with the good ol Hills Hoist Clothesline as a staple in the majority of suburban backyards, I have to say I had never even given a thought to what should or should not be hung out to dry for all the neighbours to see. Much less had I even imagined that anyone anywhere in the world would even consider calling the police or reporting a neighbour to some sort of authority for hanging out their underwear.

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The Good Ol’ Hills Hoist

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Although, when you have a rough and tumble tribe of active boys … The clothesline may more resemble our Leaning Hills Hoist of The Rawson Household, obviously one too many unbalanced rides around on the play thing in the yard. The play thing that also provides entertainment with mum yelling, “Get off that’s not a play thing, you’re going to….. Oh, too late!” …  As the kids yell back “Mum it’s broken!”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, being a tad bit of a prude I do know how to, and usually do conceal my bras, knickers, camis and nighties in the centre of the clothesline for the sake of modesty … If I’m to be perfectly honest I have always been utterly horrified at the thought of any of Hubby’s mates or our family members popping around for a beer only to view my unmentionables drying on the clothesline, airer or strewn over a kitchen chair.

Such was the case not too long ago when one of Dan’s work mates popped in for a beer out the blue and decided to pay me a visit in the kitchen. Me sitting at the the computer, my bra strewn over a kitchen chair to dry having been washed, cups up on full display. Not just any bra, but a vibrant hot pink bra, the kind that couldn’t blend in if it wanted to coloured bra … And where did Dan’s mate choose to stand while we chatted? … Right next to that chair with my unmissable, unmentionable hot pink never mentioned bra of course!

Light bulb moment, now there is another thought.

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Has anyone else ever realised how much the bra industry has in common with the egg industry. I mean look, we have the caged, barn and free range eggs, which really isn’t unlike how many of us women wear our bras.

There’s the going out bra that keeps us all caged up and looking fantastic in just the right places, but isn’t always so comfortable. There’s the barn variety bra, the comfy bra we wear at home when we don’t really want to wear a bra but feel we must fight against gravity the best we can before the girls head too far south. Then finally, there is that feel good moment we all know oh so well, when we allow the girls to experience free range heaven in all it’s comfort.

But I digress … See, now you are getting an inkling into my 2am over-thinkingness.

Back to the topic at hand … So yeah, I would rather my own underwear be out of the way of prying eyes. In fact when we moved into the house we are currently living in I had already made changes to my routine of hanging clothes to dry on account of us now living on a corner block where a reasonable amount of people walk by heading to local schools. We are actually far enough away we forget how close we live to these schools, but close enough to the schools there is increased activity around drop off and pick up times.

But even given my own prudishness in regards to hanging out my underwear, would I ever take offense if I saw someone else’s underwear hanging on a clothesline in their own backyard, no matter how tatty? … Hell No! … It’s only underwear for goodness sake! Something we all wear!

Heck, and who knows I might even pick up a tip or two on some hot new trend I never dreamed of that Hubby might appreciate if I took more notice of other people’s clotheslines.

Now I do get the whole tatty … And, dare I say even stained issue (Eeew!).

Where tatty is concerned, I live in a male dominated household where jocks are worn until I have to wonder how anything is actually being held in place. Not to mention wondering what is falling out, or rather if anything is being held in. Yup, those tatty old jocks and boxers could be considered an eyesore at times, along with many women’s briefs too. I really do get it!

Still, from a personal perspective I really can’t help but wonder how many more mundane issues people can take offence to while real issues get pushed to the side in this modern world. Honestly, the outrage in modern culture regarding some of the most benign actions is utterly hilarious in my honest opinion.

And just for the record! … No! I would not even dream of separating the men in my life from the comfort of their well worn-in under garments. Take it from me ladies, those of you new to the behaviour of men. It apparently takes time to get comfort in just the right places when it comes to jocks.

Here is my advice, when it comes to picking battles over winning any war in the household with your men folk … The battle over his Holey Old Grundies is one you are not going to win. So let them wear their comfy trusties until they are falling off, or they falling out, or whichever maybe the case.

So that’s my take on this ever so important 2am wake up call.

But what would I know, I’m just a laid back Aussie Sheila who believes a step back in time to the 60s, 70s & 80s to enjoy the simple things in life through rose coloured glasses while wandering barefooted in nature wouldn’t be the worse thing for this modern world to experience.

So do tell!

Indoors, outdoors, hidden away or on display for all the world to see?

I’m curious to see what my international friends, family and followers have to say about this topic.

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