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Over the years I have used poetry and creative writing for both pleasure and therapy. Now, with a good deal of encouragement, I have decided maybe it is time for some of my poems & creative writing to see the light of day.

After all, what good is the ability to write through experience if the perspective from those experiences canโ€™t be of benefit to someone else through shared understanding or the sparking of conversation.

I had just imagined my poems and creative writing would surface well after I departed this life, or be set on fire by which ever family member stumbled upon them first. (jks)

Part journaling exercise as I rummage through the pages of writing, these are the poems and creative writing I am prepared to share. There are plenty of pieces I think I will leave for when Iโ€™ve departed this life! … After all I have to leave at least something to give the next couple of generations something to laugh over or shake their heads at after I’m long gone.

I have no formal training. I write just as I speak, with my heart on my sleeve, simply for my own pleasure and emotional release or occasionally as a gift for family and friends … Mostly in rhyme, that’s just how the words seem to flow.

So, pour yourself a cuppa or a glass of whatever, sit back and I hope youโ€™ll find something you can relate to or simply enjoy!

All poems and creative writing can be found together in a single collection under the category Poetry & Creative Writing.


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