Wrapping Up a Decade of Car Accidents

In conclusion to the three car accidents during the 1990s, it would have been nice to walk away from the third and final car accident believing it would all be wrapped up and left in the past once all the legal proceedings had concluded.

Unfortunately however, the final car accident during 1996 brought about new challenges of legal complexities as a result of the 1995 car accident having not yet been finalised.

Added to the latter, looking back at this point of my life in relation to my health, it has become more than clear that far more injury was accumulatively sustained during those three accidents than was recognised following the 1996 accident. With far less acknowledgement since as I have battled progressive disability and illness.

An account of each car accident can be read by taking the link to The Car Accidents , which is a listing of all posts within that category.

Following on from the 1996 car accident, I was already in the insurance system regarding my previous accident during 1995, as a result physiotherapy simply continued, focusing on my neck and lower back.

When my lawyer for the 1995 car accident found out about the 1996 car accident she was not impressed at all.

Thankfully though, my appointed lawyer at this time was not like the lawyer I had been appointed during my 1990 Work Cover Experience, the Work Cover experience including a female lawyer who had even berated me for falling pregnant, to my then husband, while I was still in the Work Cover system.

This time thankfully my lawyer at least had the good sense to understand that Daniel’s intent was not rip off an insurance company, least of all to cause even greater suffering to both Rhys and I, or cause harm to his own son for that matter.

Quite simply, the issue of insurance became one big game between my lawyer, the 1995 insurers and Daniel’s insurer for the 1996 accident. Along with all the associated legal and medical practitioners who became involved.

Effectively I was forced into having to sue my new boyfriend at the time for pain and suffering in conjunction with the case already pending against the 18 year old young man from the 1995 car accident … It really was quite a joke!

The biggest insight I gained from this little fiasco was that Insurance Companies, Lawyers, The Public Trustee and even the Medical Practitioners who work in such an unscrupulous industry are there for three reasons only … Greed, Ego and Entertainment!

Seriously, all these people thrive on is arrogant game play. Who can big note themselves the loudest, who can make the most money, who can throw their weight around the hardest and how much self-gratification they can enjoy in doing so at the expense of the injured parties involved.

As it turned out, Daniel was the winner, in a way, due to the fact that we married on the 1st of November 1997. Around which time I received a compensation payment for both car accidents.

The payout I received certainly was not comparative to my suffering or the suffering that was yet to come as a result of my injuries sustained in the 1995 car accident, compounded by the 1996 car accident … And, it was most certainly not comparative to the amounts that are now awarded in these cases. Now days anyone would laugh at the amount I received for such a horrific accident as the one I was involved in during 1995.

That said, it was money I was extremely thankful to receive back then as it enabled Daniel and I to buy a rather modest home by using some of the money as a deposit to secure a loan and a few cheap pieces of much needed furniture. There was also enough money to clear a number of debts that Daniel had been so kindly lumbered with when his first wife ended their marriage and walked out on him shortly before Daniel and I met, thankfully freeing us from those particular burdens.

While I am still thankful for the financial compensation I received, in the light of starting our new life together, as I stated regarding the compensation from the 1990 car accident, no amount of money could ever compensate the life I have been forced to endure as a result of the injuries from 1995.

Once the legal process came to a conclusion during late 1997 I was unable to access medical services so easily and simply continued to push through daily pain as I had learnt to do since 1990.

There was an upside to no medical access though … I became a much happier person due to not being subjected to the systems I had been an unwillingly participant of during much of the 1990s. A person living with constant pain, but a happier person by far.

As for my little man Rhys, his emotional trauma persisted for some time. He had been through quite an ordeal during those 2 years and it certainly did take its toll on his emotional state on and off.

Sadly after the 1995 accident Rhys developed an intense anxiety toward any one in a uniform, as well as the sound of sirens. While no Emergency Services attended the 1996 car accident it must have triggered Rhys’ subconscious and sparked anxiety through an association between the uniforms, the sirens and car accidents.

Fortunately for Rhys, he and I had a lot of support after the 1995 car accident from family and a group of friends through our church involvement. Had it not been for our family and my small group of close knit female friends I don’t know I would have come through the experience with the same determination to overcome as I did … A determination which in turn helped Rhys.

Rhys’ story most certainly would not be complete without mentioning the involvement of a Police Officer who attended the same church as Rhys and I during 1995.

The officer had heard of Rhys’ distress through a couple we were close with at the time and took it upon himself to work very closely with Rhys to help him overcome his anxiety about uniforms and the sound of sirens. At times the officer would stop by church in his patrol car on a Sunday morning after the church service to work with Rhys during his breaks.

Ironically enough, that little boy who was so traumatised by the sound of any siren and the sight of a uniform, now aged 25, proudly wears a Police uniform himself. No doubt Rhys will one day have his own opportunity to bring similar comfort to a child touched by some form of trauma.

It was never an easy road for Rhys, but as a mother, for all I saw that little boy endure through the challenges that were created due to those car accidents, I simply could not be prouder of Rhys’ decision (at a very young age) to pursue the career he chose.

While I have felt the need to wrap up this decade of car accidents, to close this chapter in a written context I suppose…. In essence this decade was more so of a beginning rather than an ending.

During early 1996, approximately 12 months following the major car accident of 1995, I experienced my first significant gastrointestinal symptoms including bleeding, which at the time was short lived.

After the third and final car accident during November of 1996 gastrointestinal symptoms recommenced around January of 1997, uncontrolled internal bleeding becoming a normal everyday part of my life, spanning almost two decades.

Signs also beginning to manifest that the brain trauma injury I sustained causing a 90 minute loss of consciousness, in conjunction with the two other significant whiplash incidents, 1990 and 1996, had quite possibly done more damage than ever given consideration to.

A brain trauma injury, not simply a minor bang to the head but a Moderate Brain Trauma Injury causing a reasonable loss of consciousness! An injury largely overlooked beyond basic nursing observations during recovery following the accident.

An injury which has subsequently been dismissed as all in the past and not relevant to over 20 years of progressive disability.

I cannot know conclusively how much of a role the head injury, or even the repeated episodes of whiplash have played throughout the years as I have been tortured by my body, enduing both injury and illness.

What I do know with all certainty is that each of the injuries sustained throughout my body from the car accidents has played at least some role, if not a major one, in the decline of my health and quality of life.    

What was the ending of a decade of trauma became the beginning of a battle against my own body to live the life I wanted, and deserved to live.

It was also the decade that forced me into a battle against a medical community that would rather deem me mentally unsound than to give due consideration to the overwhelming manifest of credible documentation of my medical history and my own personal account that is fully corroborated by my husband, children and extended family members.   

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