About This Blog

Hi there, and welcome!

I’m Rebecca, the creator and writer of this rambling little blog.

“But I Digress … Chronically!” is just my little piece of the internet to throw my thoughts out into the world while living and pondering this beautifully maddening weirdness we call the journey of life. bidc-home-button-about-

I wont ever claim to be the greatest writer, maybe a tad too verbose for some; but what you can always expect from my writing is unabashed frankness, poured out through the heart that is worn just a smidge too often on my sleeve.

Initially born out of chronic illness, this is a blog that has grown to be about so much more than a medical story.

You see in my book, pain, illness and negativity don’t get exclusive rights to the definition of the word chronic! … Because chronically speaking, there are many aspects of every person’s character and life that are undeniably positive. Maybe mundane too or even simply not worth a mention, but that doesn’t automatically make those chronically somethings negatives.

“Pain, illness and negativity don’t get exclusive rights to the definition of the word chronic!

Because chronically speaking, there are many aspects of every person’s character and life that are undeniably positive…”

And of course, you don’t have to be living with a chronic illness or disability to be able to see the merit in enjoying all of the chronically positive aspects of life that we often take for granted!

For as hard as my personal journey has been on far too many fronts; I also have just as  many positive fragments of life in between all the detours of uphill battles, brick walls and the ordinary moments in life — positive fragments that are well worth sharing too.

So please, excuse me as I digress my way through from one topic, thought or emotion to another on this blog … Because quite frankly, I don’t have the time or the energy to maintain anymore than this one little piece of the internet that ties together with my journey of Ancestral Wanderings.

Who Am I?
At the heart of it, I’m an average Aussie Sheila, making the best of life with whatever is thrown my way …
Well, that’s to my way of thinking anyway! One person’s “average”, I suppose, could be another person’s daydream, nightmare or maybe just plain bonkers.

IMG_20191112_194359_440Seriously though, I’m a plumber’s wife, mother, grandmother and former family business partner. However, underneath all the skills I’ve learnt and all the hats I have worn to fulfill each one of those roles in this life — I really am “just a housewife” — and quite content to wear my no airs and graces housewifey-ness with pride!

Which of course is all just a very tiny tip of the iceberg of who I really am, at this age.

When I began this blog, during 2018, under the name Broken Silence of the Chronically Smiling, I was a 45 year old woman breaking my silence as a wife and a mother, hiding many painful truths behind a beaming smile that had become my mask.

My smile being a mask I had worn increasingly since the age of 17 to hide the pain of physical injuries from multiple car accidents, chronic illness, navigating religious control and enduring a number of extremely toxic relationships along the way (not confined to romantic relationships) … All while being perpetually dismissed by a medical community that is failing so many, my health and quality of life steadily slipping away from me.

Unfortunately for me, as with many, the mask of my smile along with my enduring “She’ll be right!” or “I’m fine thanks!” attitude of silently pushing through the harshest battles of my life became my biggest downfall … The suppression of the truth behind my outward appearance eventually giving way to an inevitable breaking point — opening a new chapter of life to begin!

While that mask still has it’s own time and place to be worn, my strength now comes from a place of defiant authenticity!

Breaking my silence in a world that told me long ago the only thing it valued from me was my silence!

The Mission!?
I’m sure there is a mission in here somewhere to make a statement about!?

Got it! … It is my hope that those who visit this blog will be able to take something positive from my story and my thoughts about this beautifully maddening weirdness we call the journey of life; in just the same way that other people’s stories and thoughts have given me hope, reassurance, new avenues to explore and even a simple smile when I have needed it the most.

So, here’s to embracing the small things in life; while also accepting the detours that force us to seek answers, learn and grow — whether each detour is heaven, hell or at a cross roads somewhere between the two. ☕

Why not join me for a while! 👣
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