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Welcome to But I Digress … Chronically!

I never could stay with any one topic, thought or interest without digressing, at least just a tad. (Or blog title it would seem.)

But navigating the detours of injury, illness and life in general … Now, that I can do!

While occasionally wandering along the side tracks of experience, belief and all the curiosities that create this beautifully maddening weirdness we call the journey of life.

I began this blog as a 45 year old woman under the name Broken Silence of the Chronically Smiling. Breaking my silence as a wife and a mother hiding the truth of my life behind a beaming smile that became my mask.

A mask worn increasingly since the age of 17 to mask the pain of physical injuries from multiple car accidents, batting chronic illness, navigating religious control and enduring a number of extremely toxic relationships along the way (not just confined to romantic relationships).

Unfortunately for me, as with many, the mask of my smile along with my enduring “She’ll be right!” or “I’m fine thanks!” attitude of silently pushing through the harshest battles of my life became my biggest downfall … The suppression of the truth behind my outward appearance eventually giving way to an inevitable breaking point.

As a result, a new chapter of my life began!

A new chapter in which strength now comes from defiant authenticity … Breaking my silence in a world that told me long ago the only thing it valued from me was my silence. That, along with my ability to please everyone else in my life while the me I wanted to be, the me I always believed I would be and the life I wanted to live, slowly crumbled away and faded with the years.

But I Digress … Chronically! is my little piece of the internet to express my thoughts, experiences, beliefs and passions while exploring the curiosities and weirdness of life.

More importantly though, it is also a place to air my frustration openly about banging my head against the brick wall of a dismissive medical community that is failing so many.

It is my hope through sharing my story and thoughts that those who visit But I Digress … Chronically! and the associated social media will in turn be encouraged to tell their own stories and air their own thoughts.

Feel free to add your own thoughts to the comment section of my posts and social media updates.

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